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Ezekiel Michael Smoogen
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On July 22, 1999, Lisa and I learned that one of the worst events for expecting parents had occurred. Ezekiel Michael's heart had stopped, and we had lost our child before we could hold him. The following days were the most horrible I think we have ever endured. As far as the doctors could tell, there was nothing wrong with Ezekiel; nothing wrong with me; nothing wrong with Lisa. He had just stopped living, and nothing would bring him back.

Ezekiel Michael was a wonderful light in our lives for the 8 and half months he was with us. We love him and cherish his memory every day. I thank God for the short time Ezekiel was with us, and we would like to thank everyone who helped us through this time or pain and suffering.

Our pastor, the Reverand Tammy Lee found a passage from the New Zealand Book of Prayer that helped me. I quote it below:

      God, one Creator, from whom all life comes, comfort this family
      for the loss of their hoped-for child. Help them find assurance
      that with you nothing is wasted or incomplete, and uphold them
      with your love, through Jesus Christ, our Savior. 

This page is dedicated to Ezekiel, and to all others who have lost a child. My prayers go out to you.

Stephen Smoogen