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Torg was a roleplaying game written in the early 1990's that seems to have had a large appeal to physics majors and engineers. I speculate that this is because of its ground of all its 'values' in the SI metrics (meter, kilogram, and second) and the use of a Base100 logarithm scale so that you can measure 'fairies' against 'dragons' and keep most things happy.

Of course whenever one of the physicists on the mailing lists wishes to make everything happy, you find out there are a lot of dingy corners that Torg hides various ugly details. I think this is because the game is also supposed to be 'quick' to play so various things get glossed over at times.

This page is undergoing its constant changeover.. so here are several sites that can be helpful.

  • Kansas Jim's Torg Pages (the definitive pages on Torg 1.0 and 1.5)
  • Torg Mailing List Archives
  • Torg Mailing List (to sign up)
  • West End Games (for purchases and what new may be up.)
  • They were StormKnights! (fun with JS)
  • Downloads of various items
  • Torg Rogue's Gallery

  • Stephen Smoogen