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Originally SmoogeSpace was a joke I had come up when I was working Technical Support at Red Hat. We were reading about another fawning Venture Capitalist (VC) giving a talk about how the Internet was the big thing of the 21st century, how companies needed to rethink themselves, and the crazier the idea the more money you would make somehow.

I joked about creating a website that would collect information about Linux, the Internet, and a couple of other buzzwords I cant remember now. We would then sell this information via an auction method making ourselves a clearing house of the best known technologies. It would be called SmoogeSpace as that was the best branding idea I could come up after such a strong epiphany.

The next day, I found out that a few of my co-workers had registered the site and I had to do something with it now. I am just glad they didn't register my site. That one would have involved me finding pornography, sorting through it, and bringing it to you under a Free (as in Software) license. Thankfully, they decided that was something they would much prefer doing themselves :).

Stephen J Smoogen