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Stephen J Smoogen Family Website
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About This Site
Who is Smooge? What is a Smooge? What is SmoogeSpace?
My BookMarks of Places on The Web
Common Spots Comics

My Family
Where you can go to find out about various Smoogens I know, people they married, and other tidbits of info.
My Friends
Every now and then I run into someone who is crazy enough to call me a friend. I put up a little about them in appreciation.
What I try to do in my copious amount of spare time. I am currently playing a Dungeons and Dragons 3rd ed game, and beginning to write some modules to publish.
Where I Work
As of July 2005, I am working as a contractor to Sandia National Laboratory. I loved working as a Computer Security person at Los Alamos, but the family needed stuff that was only available 100 miles from Los Alamos.
Why Red Hat/Fedora Releases are Called What
This question is one that lots of people ask on newsgroups and private email. Now that I have left Red Hat, I can spill the great secrets behind the releases (and the sordid affairs that occured on them). Releases newer than Red Hat Linux 7.1 are harder to get information on now that I am a marked man. [Update: Adding Fedora data as my cover in that group has not been blown.]
My Favourite Songs
Songs that I have collected over the ages that somehow appeal to me.

Thanks for your time... and good luck on wherever you go next.

Stephen Smoogen